MIAMI SUPERCAR RENTAL Location, location, location is not just a real estate mantra but a rule for the car rentals as well. Are you into supercars? Are you in Florida? We provide Florida with supercar rentals. Are you looking for renting a supercar for a day n Florida? You should call us for appointment or a consultation. We rent and celebrate a modern Ferrari, McLaren or Lamborghini: the world’s greatest mid-engined, upper-level performance machines. Supercars blends a mix of exotic metal stand out performance with stunning dynamics. We treat our customers as royalty that is why our professional staff makes customer service our number one priority. We love helping create memories and delivering great experiences for each of our valued customers. When you rent a supercar from BoysToys, your reservation is guaranteed! Our mission is a top quality experience. You will find most of supercars listed in the recent articles in Forbes magazine including Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and others.

All super car including Lamborghini deliver a dramatic combustive power, traffic-stopping looks and adventurous soul. Every model has sensational styling or its fantastically wild, naturally aspirated engines. The super car motor is its heart that delivers speed, performance and power. Lamborghini’s reputation is a serious and rewarding! If you are looking to rent a supercar for a day or either to test out before you buy, or for extra fun during your beach vacation – come to BoysToys.

Excellent online reservation system and best of all availability! The customer service representative at the lot was very welcoming and provided stellar service.