Porsche rental Miami — become the owner of a legend for the weekend


Surely, there is no man who wouldn’t know the name of this car. Sometimes it even seems that you can go up to the boy on the street and ask him: “Hey, have you heard about Porsche?” And to hear in reply: “Of course, when I grow up, I will definitely buy it.” Fun is fun, but this brand is really known not only in Germany but also far beyond its borders.

Looking at the history of the Porsche company, you can learn a few little-known, but very interesting facts:

  • Porsche began its journey with engine development and consulting services. And the founder Ferdinand Porsche began producing cars only ten years after its foundation.
  • Porsche did not produce SUVs until 2003. The first Luxury SUV, which released the company, was the Porsche Cayenne. It has become the epitome of luxury design, absolute comfort, and worldwide brand recognition. Due to the efforts of engineers and designers, he was actually doomed to success.
  • Surprisingly, the design of the famous coat of arms of the company creator Porsche was sketched on a napkin. The design came to his mind when he dined at a New York restaurant in 1952. So, brilliant ideas come spontaneously.
  • According to experts, the Porsche brand is included in the list of 10 German cars that can be purchased forever. In the literal sense.
  • At the request of the buyer, Porsche cars can be painted in any color. But most buyers do not use this feature and still prefer red, black and white colors.

If you decide to relax at a popular resort, you need an equally luxurious car. To make you feel comfortable and secure in it, rent a Porsche Cayenne. You will definitely like it.

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Porsche Cayenne rental – ideal for business and social events

This mid-size top-class sport utility vehicle will be appropriate in any situation. Exterior design is organically combined with excellent driving characteristics. You can go to the airport to meet business partners, or to go to a secular party. Do you want to have a romantic car ride with your girlfriend? It’s a great idea! Just imagine: you are sitting together embracing in the back seat, you open the hatch and the bright stars of the night sky open to your gaze. Pure romantic, isn’t it?

Porsche Cayenne rental is one of the most luxury cars, that combines the expensive leather interior and precious wood panels, a separate climate control system, a Hi-Fi audio system, and many other cool gadgets. The car is equipped with all-wheel drive. It became the hallmark of this manufacturer. The system combines active four-wheel drive, anti-slip systems, and independent front and rear suspension. Porsche rental Miami is a great choice for city transfer. It combines reliability, easy handling, impeccable security, comfort for every passenger and pleasant impressions. These features have made the Cayenne the most desirable car in the world, which is an indicator of human status. Cayenne is deservedly considered a representative car, which has its own sporty and bold character.

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