Chevrolet Corvette — a cult car with a cheeky character


Chevrolet has always been considered a premium car: people notice it even in the crowded megalopolises, what can we say about other cities. This is an ideal choice for those who love a bright life and want to make an impression. From the outset, the Corvette was a non-standard project, which over the years has earned worldwide fame. In the United States in honor of the model opened the “National Corvette Museum”, contains serial and racing cars, produced by the Corvette brand.

The elegance of form and technical excellence

The legendary sports car appeared in 1953 — it was a limited edition of 300 copies. Initially, the Corvette was focused on racing tracks. This explains its compactness, specific technical equipment, and nondescript interior. Despite this, it attracted motorists for its ease, dynamism and non-standard appearance.

chevrolet corvette 1953

Over the 66-year history, Americans released about one and a half million Corvettes. The current generation of sports cars — the seventh. During this time, the model was subjected to multiple modifications. Due to the coordinated work of the concern General Motors, an impeccable car appeared.

Chevrolet Corvette — is the first double sports car of American production, caused a sensation after the premiere. Let’s see why it is so good?
Let’s start with the fact that each following modification has become more dynamic and perfect: even the standard version looks aggressive, not to mention the release of ZR1:

  • body weight – 3500 pounds
  • acceleration to a hundred in 3 seconds
  • separate climate control
  • manual seven-speed gearbox
  • a huge variety of aerodynamic elements
  • independent suspension with multi-link layout and anti-roll bars
  • an average clearance of 150 inches: it allows not only to take part in races on the prepared track but also to move on public roads
    powerful V-shaped turbo engine. Engineers added several air intakes to cool the forced engine and increased downforce for stability at extreme speeds

In American cars, there are a lot of chips that can not be found in Europe cars. For example, if you click on the button next to the multimedia screen, you can find a cache behind the screen. The roof is removable, but not folding, so if you need to remove it, you will have to do it manually. The roof does not carry the function of the carrier element and is held by the front pillars. They are a very strong and unusual shape. The cargo compartment in the car flat non-standard form, it is both small and spacious enough.

As you can see, the Chevrolet Corvette is a godsend for real driving fans. Its aggressive design emphasizes the purposeful character of the owner. A salon is the epitome of comfort and sporty ergonomics. Perhaps the cost of a sports car seems high. But when you sit behind the wheel one day you will realize that it fully justifies itself.

Chevrolet Corvette 2019

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