Prom night is all about creating memories. When I look back at my prom, I wish I made something to remember all my life. I wanted to be noticed. I wanted to be talked about! I wish I rented a luxury car and arrived to my prom in style. I wanted to make a loud statement and impress my friends. Unfortunately, back than I did not have the same opportunities as they have now. So my advice is “Do not hesitate and find and rent the best luxury car for your prom, so you do not regret it 10 or 20 years later! Believe me, it will make a huge difference in your life!” I wish I rent a car for prom. I still dream about Range Rover, Bentley or Maybach – any of them would have made such a difference for my prom spirit.

It is like writing a book of your life and starting with the exciting chapter, so you know, the rest of the story will be as exciting and eventful.

You are young, ambitious and bold! You are graduating high school, college or university! Do you want to make prom special by driving you date or friends in a luxury car?  It is time to shine and its time to be responsible and know about age requirement and prices at different prom rental cars.

Basically, you have two options—renting the car yourself (high school students are not old enough, but there are exceptions) or getting a friend or family member to rent the car and play a driver. Remember, nice cars are dangerous toys for irresponsible and drunk people. You are not of them: you understand life better.

Fortunately, there are laws and limitations depending on where you live. In some states, even if you have a valid driver’s license, you will probably not be able to rent a car yourself if you are under 19 years old without a good credit score. You should check requirements of minimum age in your state or talk to your parents or older relatives and friends before you start selecting your perfect luxury prom car. Age requirements depend on where you live.

It makes sense that most rental car companies impose minimum age requirements. If you graduating high school, your chances of signing a rental contract for a nice prom car is slim or none. 

The country’s biggest car rental companies generally require renters to be 21 years old, although a few have lower minimum age requirements.

Prom is a special occasion. It will happen only once in your life so you probably think about what to wear, to who will go with whom, to the transportation arrangements, there’s a sizable checklist of things to prepare. It is also a very romantic occasion if you ask the special person you want to attend prom.

Renting a limo by a group of friends can make the most classical entrance to the prom.

It is a traditional, easy and popular way to arrive at prom especially if you intend to go with a group of friends. 


With a chauffeur at the wheel and your friends with you, travelling to and from the festivities makes the whole night easy, comfortable and convenient.  

When it comes to prom car rentals, this is the easiest and most affordable choice.

Exotic car for prom is a rare option. You are a character if you choose it. It is definitely the most fun to arrive in Lamborghini Aventador

Whatever you do, make sure that you make a decision early. As prom night approaches, the luxury rental cars are popular. Book at least a month in advance.

Be safe and have fun!