Toyota Sienna 2019

If you’re travelling not alone, Toyota rental in Miami is the perfect choice for you! This is a super modern minivan for a family or a large company. Despite its large size, the car is easy to drive and comfortable for both the driver and passengers. It also has a spacious luggage boot for all your bags. For absolute comfort, climate control is provided on the first, second and third line. So that you were not boring during the trip, there is an updated multimedia audio system in the car. Thanks to a multi-layered windshield and electronic assistants, the vehicle achieves a high level of security. Rent a car in Miami is very simple: call our managers via phone number, or make a preliminary request on the website. We will make sure that the car is delivered at a specified time and at a convenient point in the city. Rent luxury car from Boys Toys Miami and enjoy your holiday on the sunny coast!

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Security Deposit:
Unlimited miles
8-speed automatic transmission
3.5L V6

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$ 100 / Per Day

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