About Foreign Car Rental Options In Miami


About Foreign Car Rental Options In Miami

The long-standing foreign versus American cars debate is never going to end. While American brands will always be popular, foreign cars have their merits: unique style and different performance options. Foreign is also associated with luxury and hot rides. Four Bog Words: fuel efficiency, quality, style, price.

Foreign cars have been the long-time winners in categories involving quality, such as reliability and longevity. I’m sure we all have that friend who has owned their Japanese-made Toyota Camry for twenty years with no problems. Many Japanese brands were and still are known for their quality and reliability, while European brands are often recognized for their superior craftsmanship and driving performance.

The most popular foreign cars in America are:                   

  • BMW (Overall Score: 76. Road Test Score: 85)
  • PORSCHE (Overall Score:76. Road Test Score: 84) Popular models include the Panamera and the classic 911.
  • LEXUS (Overall Score: 76. Road Test Score: 74) Lexus popular models include a new SUV called the NX 
  • SUBARU (Overall Score: 78. Road Test Score: 80). Subaru is probably best known for producing some of the best all-wheel drive, off-road rally cars.
  • AUDI (Overall Score: 80. Road Test Score: 83). Audi’s appeal hides in its performance, looks, and technology with Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

You can find the above-mentioned cars and more in foreign car rental Miami. New foreign car models focus mainly on technology improvements, performance and driving base. There are even some electric models like the i3 and the i8. Automakers improved their fuel efficiency and provide fantastic handling.

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